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Imagine yourself in a field on a beautiful Sunshiny Day. As you walk through acres of Green Grass with a smile, you stumble upon a meadow of Red Roses. 


You stare in awe at the sight in front of you, never have you seen Roses like this before- almost like a fairytale. After some time you keep it moving and notice another field.


This field is rows and rows and rows of breathtaking Purple Lavender.

Amazed and intrigued you smile ear to ear and walk through the fields. You are

still in awe looking at the Purple Lavender and in the horizon you can still see the Red Roses and the Luscious green grass.  


Then you stop. Right in your tracks. Mouth open in utter disbelief as you cannot believe what our eyes behold.


This field is filled with all types of beauty. Yellow Sunflowers, White Lilies, Pink Tulips, Bright Daybreaks, Violet Orchids, Different colour Roses and by the swamp- Lotus Flowers in Bloom.


This is Humanity. This is Life. By ourselves we are very beautiful people, but when we all come together like the last field of flowers it's an amazing sight that has your heart pounding looking at the beauty and all the diverse types of flowers growing together.


#Blastoff 🚀

We Overcome Adversity with Diversity 

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